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Mentor Opportunities

Career Internship Mentor
contact Internship Teacher, Jill Mckay, jmckay@aacps.org
Professionals in all career areas to serve as internship mentors to seniors who are exploring career options. 8 hours per week for one semester.

Business Competition Judge
contact Business Dept. Chair, Beth Colon,
Business professionals to serve as judges in DECA county, state and/or national business competitions.

Engineering Design & Development Project Mentor

contact EDD Teacher, Steve Cahoon, scahoon@aacps.org a yearlong-capstone Project Lead the Way course, small groups of seniors design and develop a product using Autodesk Inventor and develop a prototype.


EDD Group Mentor –Engineer assigned to one or two project groups of students (3 or 4 students per group), available through email, occasional phone, and would also be willing/able to meet with the students at school at least once per school quarter (more always appreciated).

General Mentor Engineer available as a general resource with a specific or varied background, and would not be assigned to a particular group.  This mentor may be emailed by groups, occasionally called (if pre-established with group) and perhaps visit the school when/if available to (for engineers who are not able to committee to a particular group  due to projects at work or travel that would make him/her unavailable for a period of time).

EDD Resource/Materials/Fabrication Mentor someone with contacts, or disposable inventory of various materials or fabrication means (or both) which students may have access to when they reach the fabrication aspect of their projects  metal bending, welding, donations of some materials such as aluminum pipe/bar etc).    

EDD Judges are engineers who judge the final project presentations at a May assembly.                                 

Leadership Institute Senior Project Mentor

contact E. Colon, Leadership Institute Advisor,  ecolon@aacps.org

Capstone senior service project for seniors who have completed Leadership 1 and 2. 

Mentor with organizational/leadership skills consults on all aspects of the project planning and implementation, communicate/meet as needed at school and at project sites, scope of commitment is one semester or less as needed.


Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Tutor

contact Kathy Kidd, AVID Teacher, kkidd@aacps.org 

AVID Tutors -  facilitate small groups of students during the AVID tutorials in class. One or two days a week (Weds and/or Thurs) for as many periods as they like. Expertise in the academic subject is not required. AVID training is available.


Junior Achievement Presentor- SP business person to deliver a scripted, entrepreneurial program kit.  Five presentations to two classes on B days and one class on A days.



Falcon Flight Mentor

contact Assistant Principal, Linda Jones, lsjones@aacps.org
Mentors needed to work with African American students so that they can achieve their maximum potential.


Poetry Out Loud Judge

contact English Department Chair, C. Bowman, cbowman@aacps.org  Judge 11th grade poetry reading contest one morning in December.  Directions and evaluation form provided in advance.


for information about serving as a mentor, contact:
JoAnne Brack: jbrack@aacps.org
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